Genepool Productions specialises in creating outstanding science programming for Australian and international television audiences.

  • jabbed-featured

    Jabbed – Love, Fear and Vaccines

    (Genepool Productions, 2013) To vaccinate, or not? What would you do to protect the ones you love? Diseases that were largely eradicated forty years ago are returning. Across the world children are getting sick and …

  • SLOB-DVD-cover

    The Secret Life of Breasts – Tales of the Unexpected

    (Genepool Productions, 2014) Laying breasts bare in the name of science. New science is revealing breasts in a way that we’ve never seen them before. For years we’ve been seeking perfection. Gradually we are beginning …

  • HANDDVDforweb

    Secrets of the Hand – Tales of the Unexpected

    (Genepool Productions, 2014) For thousands of years, in fairgrounds and temples, palm readers have claimed our hands encode valuable information. Is this just superstition? Or is there, buried beneath the theatre and the cliches, a …

  • DVD-cover

    Who’s Your Daddy? – Tales of the Unexpected

    (Genepool Productions, 2014) One in three children, claim many tabloids, may not be biologically related to the man they call Dad. Could this really be true? This program conducts the first ever purpose-designed paternity poll, …