CATCHING CANCER reviewed in The Australian

Posted by on Oct 17, 2009 in News


New ideas about the cause of cancer go under the microscope in a powerful documentary, writes Graeme Blundell in The Australian review of CATCHING CANCER.

‘DIRECTOR Sonya Pemberton’s film has the unflinching title Catching Cancer, yet is full of hope. It’s a story of life, love and, often, loss; and it’s about how thought-provoking science has begun to understand the factors that rig the lethal odds of the cancer lottery.’

‘Pemberton is one of Australia’s leading documentary writers, directors and executive producers, one of those TV filmmakers whose cultural contribution is awesome yet who remains little known to the public.

She has written and directed more than 40 hours of TV, specialising in science documentaries for an international market. Pemberton’s films have won more than 30 awards and she has been three times honoured with the prestigious Eureka Prize for science journalism.

From 2004 to 2006 she was head of specialist factual programming at the ABC, where she commissioned more than 300 hours of TV, including the high-rating documentary How Kevin Bacon Cured Cancer. In short, she knows what she’s doing.’

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